iFLUXplus = Christian Graf

My passion is effortless human-computer interaction and smooth interactive experiences. I focus on improving interaction experiences to be persuasive and engaging, e.g. through methods from the Human-Centered-Design process, from game mechanics (Gamification), from innovation processes (Design Thinking) and from behaviour change strategies (Influence). From my background I am an engineer of Computervisualistik, an interdisciplinary degree from the University of Magdeburg which provided me with a background in computer science, visualization, psychology, and education science (what a Computervisualist can do, in German). I specialised into accessibility, universal design, usability and interaction architecture.

I did a PhD on how to construct understandible tactile maps with the Cognitive Systems Group at the University of Bremen. During my PhD, I commented on the field of tactile media and interaction in my PhD blog. After my PhD, I founded the startup HAPTOMAI. We support companies in their efforts to foster inclusion in their workforce and to open up new customer segments by transforming non-inclusive propucts to inclusive products. I comment about our work and our challenges at @haptoma. For detailed information about me, a CV and a list of projects see my expertise.

I am a local leader of the Hamburg chapter of the Interaction Design Association and I help with the local User Experience Roundtable. We organize regular events and sometimes conferences about interaction, user experiences, usability and adjacent topics. I sometimes comment about the developments in the field of human-computer interaction and user experience in my blog on Interaction, Flow and User Experience (mostly in German).

Aside from freelancing I am engaged in developing the organisation and volunteer platform Freizeit-Helden.

Contact me: contactweb[@]ifluxplus.com – +49-(0)178-4148006 – Skype Me™!

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